Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Resistance Money? Is it available as an ebook?

You can buy Resistance Money on Amazon, nearly any independent bookseller, and directly from the publisher, Routledge (note: Routledge offers free global shipping, and routinely features sales that place its price well below Amazon’s). The ebook is available in the Kindle and Google Play stores, though some fronts will geofence availability.

When will there be an audiobook of Resistance Money?

The audiobook being handled by our publisher, Routledge. If you’d like to see a Resistance Money audiobook, email and please let her know!

Where can I buy Resistance Money using bitcoin?

Any book merchant who accepts bitcoin should be able to ship this volume. When in doubt, ask your favorite book hawker if they’ll let you pay in bitcoin! We are also working to secure a special arrangement with some leading merchants who accept bitcoin.

Why is the hardcover for Resistance Money so expensive?

We negotiated hard to bring the paperback price to a reasonable level. Unfortunately, prohibitively expensive hardcovers are the rule for academic presses like Routledge, and we had little power over that fact. We do not recommend that readers purchase the hardcover edition (the exception here is libraries, who will need a more durable volume).

Why did the authors choose an academic press for Resistance Money instead of self-publishing?

Though publishing with an academic press has its downsides — virtually no royalties for authors, high unit prices, and poor publicity — it has upsides too, such as institutional credibility, and rigorous peer review. Other excellent bitcoin books have been self-published. We are aiming at a different audience, including academic researchers and students.

There are many bitcoin books. What sets Resistance Money apart?

Many bitcoin books build on narrow or ideological premises or are written for an audience of fervent believers. Resistance Money, by contrast, is for anyone: from skeptics and outsiders to academics to bitcoin users themselves. Resistance Money, furthermore, is the first rigorous and comprehensive academic treatment of bitcoin, peer-reviewed, and published with a leading academic press. Instead of cheerleading or pessimistic naysaying, it offers a sober and measured look at the phenomenon, useful above all for readers who hope to gather evidence and form their own views on bitcoin. Though accessible and non-technical, this is a piece of research, not advocacy.

I found a spelling error. Do I get a prize?

Maybe! Please consult our Errata page, and submit a bug report if the error you’ve spotted isn’t on there already.